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Welcome to the dollhouse...


Waiting with Bells on.

Le Sigh...
I've changed so much, lately. Instead of my old, brown eyes, I 've adopted pretty blue ones. Also, I now have pretty, purple eyelashes.
I dyed my hair pink, too, because the white hair with the white skin was just too much, I though.

Sadly, my bench is still empty save for myself. It is so sad.
I wear the bells in my hair now, so that one day, when someone finally joins me, I will turn my head to see them, and the bells will ring out to welcome them.
(Plus, they're just cute.)


Hobby Lobby is a nice place to find things for me without forking over both my arms and one of my legs T_T


Today, I found some pretty blue eyes, and I just had to have them! They fit nicely and they look so pretty.

Of course, someday, I'd like to have eyelashes, but unfortunately, that's something we cannot do ourselves. T_T
I never did show off all my pretty dresses, but it'll have to continue to wait. ^_~


Well, I'm happy.
I've been given a new face up! I think I look so much prettier than before. >u<
In addition, she made me two new outfits!! I love them both!
Although one is only for the bedroom >o< And I shall save it for the day I get a prince charming. ^_^ Whenever that day may be... I have already found him, though at he current moment, I can't find out his name...
The website is down T.T
He haunts my dreams, though... His face... ~u~
No more day dreaming! It's time to show you the new me!

The camera, despite being fancy and expensive, doesn't quite capture all the detail of my new rosy cheeks, and lips... I suppose it looks alright, though. Perhaps later, I shall take a picture in the sun!

I hope you'll look closely at this dress~ It's yellow and white, and laces up the front! Haru said it looked bad and came out wrong, but I think it's the cat's meow! It goes nicely with my name, personality, and even my pale complexion! ^_^

I don't know why these pictures seem so blurry in the small, but... -^_^-
I am kind of shy~ But none the less, the clothes are beautiful.
I can't wait for more~

OMG! She added embroidery and beads to my dress!! >u< It's gorgeous!
ZOOM, ZOOM!!! >o<


Hello, everyone! My name is Sun.
Today was my very first day at home, and I was very happy.
There's a cute little baby here, not much bigger than me, and he likes me a lot. I'm glad to make a new friend!
I was happy to find that there were already clothes waiting for me! >u< I was so afraid I was going to be naked for a long time. >n<
Haru was even kind enough to alter them a bit so that they fit me better!
If I could have just one thing more, it would be an umbrella! ^o^
I love umbrellas!

Not who I thought he was...

Turns out I was wrong about Thyme, but: http://souldoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=1841 I've found him for real this time. His ransom will be just under $400 (paid in installments of $100 for four months), once we factor in his flight from Korea. he initial sum will most likely by transferred tomorrow.

As for Basil, he will be next (and last) on the to do list. We're already running out of room on our couch as is.

There have been more details released to Hachi regarding our pasts, our families, and our connections to one another, but all full reveals must wait until Nanowrimo finishes up at the end of November.

Oh and on the ANTDM challenge... yeah, it never happened, but I will try to take a shoot for Challenge 3. -_-